I've spent over thirty years, off and on, in the wilds documenting the cultural past, alive now. I also spent some thirty years on the mean streets of Columbvus, Ohio as a parole officer for juvenile felons. Both, anthropologies of a sort.

My passion is putting a human face on the struggles of indigenous and endangered peoples through extemporaneous, in-the-field portraits. This is my attempt to give them a voice so their stories can be told and we can experience a bit of life otherwise unknown to us.

I've accompanied war refugees and people-in-resistance in Guatemala, El Salvador and Chiapas. I've documented traditional textile-making in Laos, Mali and Guatemala and food-sovereignty in Bolivia, Oaxaca and the Italian Piedmont. I've worked on recovery efforts with Habitat for Humanity in Haiti and in post-Katrina Mississippi with kids on probation from Ohio. I've been blessed to receive grants from the Puffin Foundation to explore Yanomamo life, the Holy Week traditions of the Tamahumara, Bolivia's indigenous awakening and 'Mayan Rites'.

I was first inspired while exploring Nicaragua in the early 1980's. There, I found a story not being told in the mainstream, the work salable and a sense in the air that anything is possible. I was hooked.

My work has been exhibited and recognized internationally.It was chosen to appear in the Documentary Collection at the Louvre in July 2015. Part of the 'Mayan Rites' series was shown at The Moscow Foto Awards in July 2016.

It's appeared in publications as diverse as National Lampoon, The Plain Dealer and Kathmandu Post and in stories on the oil industry in the Amazon and reality tourism. I've worked alongside National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier in Ethiopia and for Ministries of Tourism/tourist boards in South Africa, Poland Trinadad and Tobago and Ecuador.

I grew up in a blue collar, first generation, extended family in Cleveland's Slavic Village. I was fascinated with tales of peasant life and war in the Old Country. I was high school valedictorian and graduated Magna cum Laude with Phi Beta Kappa key from Ohio University (BA, Geography 1970). I was a Kosciuszko Foundation Scholar in grad school but the need to support my family led to more prosaic work with the State of Ohio. I currently run a small photography business in Columbus.